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Transform Your Life

Procrastination is the enemy of progress and progress requires action. Don’t put off any longer what you can do today to transform your body and life!

Meet Jane


Your commitment and dedication is extraordinary and your nutrition and workout plan WORKS!


Thanks Jane! This is exactly what I needed. You are truly an inspiration. Baraka tele!


Jane Mukami got me into fitness and taking it to a competition level. She stood by me, motivated me along the way as I prepared for it. She loved not hugged me when I was down a..

Jackie Atieno Ayegba-Okech

Wanted to find out, how you manage working out when its that time of the month.I have resulted to doing walks instead of the workouts. Asante for the feedback. Thayo!


thanks for encouraging me ,with this positive attitude ihav iblieve ill mek it through

Maureen Auma

Being added to your Facebook page by my friend is the best thing that happened for me this year and especially with the baby fat. Am 3 months postpartum and able to live fit. A..

Louisa nonnie

Jane is the ultimate professional! An honorable person. It was a pleasure working with her!!

Sally G.

Hey Gal,been following your posts and am really motivated.


Hi Jane, I really need the detox book to get start. How do I buy it

Elizabeth Mugo

Jane Mukami! No words for you mummy. I have lost 0kgs so far but it has been a week of clean eating. You simply inspire me on Facebook. I wish I woke up from slumber land early ..


Hi. …..Congs are in order Jane for havingh such a beautiful heart that is willing to change peoples life positively.Blessings!


Hi Jane, love love love what you do here, the minute a friend recommended me to you I was instantly hooked!


Great Job


I am so glad that i stumbled upon your page on Facebook….i follow your posts and blogs closely…Thanks so much for the motivation Jane Mukami…you inspire me to keep on keep..

Juddie Otieno

Hi Jane, love love love what you do here, the minute a friend recommended me to you I was instantly hooked!


I have recently been added into the group and can’t tell you enough how motivating this has become for me, having been a fit person who fell back..with many excuses as we al..

Jane Chimungeni-Brassington

You are amazing and thank you for being willing to teach is about healthier living…God bless you


Hi, I really love your website and now that I’m getting back to living healthy, it could not have come at a better time. Great work you are doing. I’ll stay tuned and ..

Wanjiru Maina

Jane you have inspired me in a big way, have been following you on Facebook ,checks out your YouTube posts and tries them out at the gym..am so in love with the new healthier me..


Jane, you’re an inspiration. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and making a difference.


Jane, you rock! I was recently cleared to get back to the gym and the welcome I received was exciting. Gym employees thought I had been working out at another gym because they n..


I was really encouraged after I stumbled upon your page, thank you for sharing!


I love Jane’s simple to the point advice. By adopting just a few of Jane’s nutritional tips, I’ve lost 25.2 pounds. Her upbeat posts motivate me to continue on the ..

Paquita Wright

Being healthy and fit has been my main objective and when i came across your page and followed you ,, learnt so much and where i was going wrong and corrected it. I realized exe..

Ann Ayub

You inspired my healthy living journey.




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