Water Is Life!

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Water is the most under rated yet extremely important beverage ever. Most people believe that drinking soda/pop, juice and other drinks compensates for water intake. As much as it might contribute towards it, It also contributes to consuming a lot more calories hidden in ingredients like sugar, salt, coloring/chemicals etc that are not good for

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Fitness Sabotage

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Posted On : 19 - Apr - 2012

Some tough love coming your way – Enough is enough! You’re tired of the extra weight that’s running your life! You snore heavily at night when you sleep and wake up feeling exhausted! Your wardrobe is limited to stretchy/spandex type clothes! You’re out of breadth from almost everything you do! You’re on all these medication and  tired

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Posted On : 08 - Apr - 2012

Did you know that to lose weight, you MUST eat fewer calories than your body uses? Calories are the amount of energy in the food you eat. Some foods have more calories than others. Eating more calories than your body uses makes the body store the extra calories as excess fat. Did you know that

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