Sea Salt Flush….Latest FAD in +254

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Fad Diets Jane Mukami.fwSea Salt Cleanse…the latest FAD in +254

“It will help you lose weight and give you a flat tummy QUICKLY”……NOT!!
Human beings, myself included, are very interesting. We only hear or read what we want to and ignore everything else!
The Sea Salt flush is originally phase 3 of the Master Cleanse Diet. I partook in the Master Cleanse Diet in 2009, amongst a myriad of other fads, and truth be told, I didn’t care about detoxing….I only cared about losing weight!
The truth is we are in such a hurry to lose weight and constantly taking short cuts. Fine, the sea salt cleanse if done correctly with celtic salt will empty your bowels….and you might even see the number on the scale decrease. Question is Did you actually lose any fat? Will you keep flushing for the rest of your life? Find the best Canadian casino online games for money on! Choose trusted casino guide!
Detoxing or cleansing can be done using natural, healthy and less drastic methods such as fruits and vegetables.
Stop looking for quick solutions…just as it didn’t take a day to gain the fat, it surely will take a while to ditch it. roll up your sleeves, get your mind right and commit to doing the work.
Other Fads that seem popular in kenya are Tummy water, Cabbage diet, Tomato Diet, Detox Tea, and Apple cider vinegar. If anyone recommends any of these to you…please do yourself a favor and walk away.
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9 thoughts on “Sea Salt Flush….Latest FAD in +254”

Crazy thing never thought of it…..just the thought of it in my mouth makes me wonna puke.Its not easy starting the right regime but once you start noticing the changes its worth it. Nothing comes easy ladies let’s do the right things.

Very nice and timely advice too bad most women would prefer a short term change in scale as opposed to the long and painful clean eating plus exercising

APC is so much understood…one is practically thinning the stomach lining by ingesting something with such a high acidity level…Truly not worth it…

The problem as I’ve noted with some females is not knowing when to stop. You do the 21 day wheat challenge and feel/look good so you want to carry it as a lifestyle. It’s not sustainable. The cravings kick in and you lose control then all the weight comes back on in full force. Hence the fad diets.
Others over do it to the point of flirting with anorexia, and unfortunately those who are genuinely trying to lose follow their advice so they can look like them, again trying to quick fix.
I commend you Jane for your motivation, maybe next you can challenge us on how to stay healthy after incorporating all these challenges so it is a lifestyle and not seasonal.
I said no to wheat for 21 days and I felt/ looked amazing!! Most importantly I learnt how to reintroduce it in portions, now I know when I over indulge n can pace myself. Thanks a lot.

Thanks Jane not just for this but also for the continuous advice and support that you are offering. The struggle is indeed real but the results are definitely worth it.

Well, I take apple cider vinegar everyday… Not for loosing weight or cleanse but for my belly that’s usually bloated every morning… I mix it with honey and for a year now, I haven’t been suffering from bloaty stomach! Currently following your no carbs after 3PM challenge and I have to say I’m loving the results!

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