Fruit – Friend or Foe?

If you’re just starting your weight loss journey, one question you may be asking yourself is whether you should be indulging in fruit, fruit salads, fruit smoothies or not. On one hand, you know that avoiding sugar while dieting is a must for success. So it would seem, since fruit is almost all sugar, this means it should be avoided. But on the other hand, fruit should be part of [Read more...]

Diabetes – The Silent Killer

Did you know that more than 50% of all adult hospital beds in Kenya are occupied by people with diabetes or diabetes related conditions? Did you know that 1.8 million++ Kenyans are living with diabetes and only half of them know?? Diabetes is a condition that more and more people are being impacted with on an everyday basis. We are seeing people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes all the time [Read more...]

Benefits of low carb plans

Why is Low Carb consumption an effective approach to weight lose?  If you’re looking to achieve lasting weight loss results, one approach that you may wish to try out is the low carb approach.   Low carb plans  when done properly, they can work exceptionally well.  Even though you decrease the amount of carbs consumed, its imperative to make sure you're consuming good quality carbs - natural sources - vs low quality [Read more...]

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Kidney Beans Recipe

Also known as Red Beans, Kidney beans are super healthy, easily accessible and quite easy to make! They are rich in protein but contain almost double the amount fibrous carbs than protein. For this reason, I recommend you have beans + lentils with vegetables instead of carbohydrates. The nutritional facts are as follows for 1/2 a cup or 130 grams of cooked beans: 120 calories,  20 grams carbohydrate, 8 grams dietry [Read more...]

All About Eggs

Eggs are a universal breakfast favorite due to their cheap cost and  great source of protein.  Eating 1 or 2 whole eggs a week is alright, the problem becomes when we make them a staple. Eggs contain cholesterol which is located in the yolk. Did you know that our bodies create their own cholesterol? Yes, the liver does because cholesterol is necessary for certain organs to function. What happens when we [Read more...]

All About Calories

Everything You Need To Know About Calories   If you’re interested in mastering your body weight in the months ahead, one thing that you’ll want to be sure you fully understand is that of calories. What is a calorie? And, more importantly, what does it mean for you? Let’s go over some of the key things that you must know when it comes to calorie intake.  What Is A Calorie? A [Read more...]

4 Tips on how to stick to clean eating

Starting up on a healthy eating plan but feeling a little uncertain about your ability to stay consistent? One of the biggest reasons that most people fail to see the weight loss results they’re going for is simply because they don't stay consistent long enough or fall off the bandwagon at some point or another. If you’ve been on and off more times than you can count, before you start [Read more...]

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Losing Weight Post-Pregnancy – What You Should Know

After giving birth to your new baby, the first thing on your mind should be making sure that you tend to every single one of your baby’s needs. Beyond that however, once the initial period has passed, you may start to feel some anxiety over your current fitness and body weight. You want to get your pre-baby body back, but how? The good news is that breastfeeding itself will help [Read more...]

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The Ugly Truth About Sugar

Sugar. It’s something that you’ve been told time and time again that you need to be avoiding. But, what’s really so bad about sugar? And, how much sugar is acceptable? A Primer On Glucose The first thing to realize is that all carbohydrate rich foods will be broken down eventually into glucose, which is another name for sugar.  It’s this glucose that supplies energy for all your body’s cells. Doesn’t seem [Read more...]

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