Losing Weight During Ramadhan

Being back in Kenya and having friends fasting for Ramadhan motivated me to write about how to keep the scale from tipping during the holy month. Ramadhan would actually be the perfect time to shed some weight and keep it off if managed correctly given that there is a fasting window and feasting period similar to Intermittent fasting programs. The fasting periods during Ramadhan are from sunrise 5am to sunset [Read more...]

How Long Before You See Your Abs?

Everyone asks a why their tummy isn't reducing or why they aren't getting abs - Ladies we all have different body types and carry weight differently. If the tummy is where most of the fat is stored then that's that area takes the longest to get flat. Others might carry weight on their back, hips thighs etc but Isee most of you complaining about your tummy. What you eat responsible [Read more...]

Beans and Vegetables – A Hearty Healthy Meal

I grew up loving and enjoying rice+ beans. Everyone knew that beans are protein, rice is a carb that was affordable and delicious meal. Lets pay a closer look to the nutrition facts of this hearty meal: 1 cup or red beans: 219 calories - 16.2 grams (56 calories) from protein, 39.7grams (162 calories) from carbs/starch and 1 calorie from fat. 16.5g (66 calories) of the 39.7g (162 calories) of carbs is [Read more...]

My FREE ebook: Eat Right To Get Your Body Tight

This was my free first e-book published in June 2014. It  serves as a guide to anyone that doesn't know the first thing about clean eating. Im constantly questioned about why I gave the e-book away for free vs selling . - The guidelines  in my book are already things most of us know  but can't quit put together...I felt compelled to connect the dots for my readers + followers - I wanted to [Read more...]

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Perfect and healthy breakfast in 60 seconds!

Healthy foods are contain simple, untainted ingredients. Here is the recipe for one of my favorite breakfast shakes. INGREDIENTS: 1 scoop protein powder,1/4 cup dry raw oatmeal, 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter, 1 cup water.......BLEND...DONE! Perfect breakfast in 60 seconds!  

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April 2015 – Zero Carbs After 3pm

Eat Breakfast like a King...Lunch like a Prince...Dinner Like a Pauper" Truth be told, most of us eat dinner like KINGS :-) This challenge is supposed to change that! Mko tayari?? Carbohydrates, the starchy kind also known carbs, are an important energy giving macro nutrient. Here are a few things to note about carbs: - As much as carbs are important, they are often abused and can greatly contribute to weight gain. [Read more...]

FAD Diets…My Two Cents

  I get it!! You’ve tried so many weight loss methods and none have worked! You are frustrated and want the extra weight gone like….yesterday! I understand how you feel because I was once in your shoes! In 2008 and 2009 I was into the latest workout dvd or workout craze to the next…and the longest I stuck with any regimen was 20 - 30 days! I wanted my body [Read more...]

The Shocking Truth About Fats

Are fats really bad for you? The answer is Yes they're bad for your health if you're consuming bad fats and No if you're consuming good fats SPARINGLY. There is so much information out there and it does become confusing. Here is what you need to know about fats… Fact: • The body needs fats for energy, to help in absorption of other nutrients and for overall body functionality • [Read more...]

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January 2015 – Say No To Wheat Challenge

What is this challenge about? This challenge requires you to eliminate all wheat products from your diet for 21 days. Mindful eating is the motivator for this challenge. We are so accustomed to reactive eating vs proactive eating. We eat when we get hungry and most of the time, we eat whatever it is that is first available. The other purpose of this challenge is to give your body a break [Read more...]

My Before and After 2010 – 2011

May 31st 2010, Atlanta Georgia I walked out of Doctor Bodner’s office elated. We had finalized details pertaining to my liposuction procedure. I paid the deposit and was going to pick a date between June 12th – June 19th for the procedure. I was ready to ditch the extra fat that had been irritating and frustrating me for 2 years despite working out like a maniac. I was about to [Read more...]

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