February 2015 – Drink More Water Challenge

This challenge is supposed to help us create the habit of drinking more of the most important liquid of all time…Water! Most of us are accustomed to drinking fresh or bottled sugary juices, tea, coffee, sodas, alcohol but never water. Drinking water plays a great role in your overall health and can help you feel and look better. Water has immeasurable benefits such as: Better looking skin Energize muscles Helps [Read more...]

My Before and After 2010 – 2011

May 31st 2010, Atlanta Georgia I walked out of Doctor Bodner’s office elated. We had finalized details pertaining to my liposuction procedure. I paid the deposit and was going to pick a date between June 12th – June 19th for the procedure. I was ready to ditch the extra fat that had been irritating and frustrating me for 2 years despite working out like a maniac. I was about to [Read more...]

Make Your Health a Priority!

“If only I had your motivation Jane…” – My Response “It’s not easy…but I CHOOSE to make it a priority and do it”  What makes you wake up and go to work every morning despite the fact that you might not like your job? Definitely NOT motivation but the fact that you need the paycheck to survive. You suck it up, drag yourself to work because you have NO CHOICE!  That’s the same attitude [Read more...]

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Running Vs. Sprinting

  Who would you rather look like? I took up outdoor running in 2008 while searching for the perfect weight loss program. I went from running 3 miles a day 3-4 times a week to 6 miles 5 – 6 times a week. In a matter of months, I had signed up with running groups and got motivated to participate in 1/2 marathons. Running became my life and would rack [Read more...]

All or Nothing!!

I've been going to my neighborhood LA fitness since 2008 and as I was looking around last night, I counted a handful of people that I know or have seen working out over the years but albeit their consistency and effort their bodies don't show progress. I can only imagine their frustration because I was once them. I was the girl that worked out hard two or three times A [Read more...]

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