When It Rains It Pours…

2019 ACHI AWARD When it rains it pours, a common phrase used (usually) when bad or unpleasant things happen consecutively. Today, I want to flip this idiom on its head and with a positive connotation of when it rains (blessings) it pours (even more blessings)...don't believe me? 16 days ago I received the Health & Fitness Award from Atlanta ACHI magazine during their 2019 annual gala. I was honored and [...]

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Thank You…

11 days ago I had the honor of receiving the Health & Fitness Award from Atlanta ACHI magazine. It was a pleasant surprise to be recognized in my area of expertise and I dedicate this award to you, my awesome subscriber for I am because you are; was it not for you, the people I serve, there would not be me April and Q2 are here! How are your 2019 [...]

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Health or Fitness Which Are You Pursuing

The 2 words health and fitness are used interchangeably however they 2 are very very different…Health is being free of illness, or injury or disease. No high cholesterol, no diabetes, no issue at all. It’s possible to be healthy but have a high BMI, be overweight or even obese…are you then still healthy? Surprisingly If you are simply overweight, with no ailments or disease, you are considered healthy.  There seems to be a [...]

Fitness Sabotage

Some tough love coming your way – Enough is enough! Let’s face it: Those few extra pounds are actually ruining your life. You snore while you sleep and you wake up exhausted. You rarely find the energy to do anything besides what you absolutely need to do and everything you do runs you out of breath. While we are at it, let’s also admit that your weight is also enforcing [...]

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Beans: What No One Told You

I grew up loving and enjoying rice+ beans. Everyone knew that beans, and lentils (dengu) are rich in protein...but wait... Lets take a closer look to the nutrition facts: 1 cup or red beans: 219 calories - 16.2 grams (56 calories) from protein, 39.7grams (162 calories) from carbs/starch and 1 calorie from fat. Yes - Beans have more protein than other legumes, but they have 3 times MORE carbs than [...]

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