Fitness Sabotage

Some tough love coming your way – Enough is enough! Let’s face it: Those few extra pounds are actually ruining your life. You snore while you sleep and you wake up exhausted. You rarely find the energy to do anything besides what you absolutely need to do and everything you do runs you out of breath. While we are at it, let’s also admit that your weight is also enforcing [Read more...]

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Beans and Vegetables – A Hearty Healthy Meal

I grew up loving and enjoying rice+ beans. Everyone knew that beans are protein, rice is a carb that was affordable and delicious meal. Lets pay a closer look to the nutrition facts of this hearty meal: 1 cup or red beans: 219 calories - 16.2 grams (56 calories) from protein, 39.7grams (162 calories) from carbs/starch and 1 calorie from fat. 16.5g (66 calories) of the 39.7g (162 calories) of carbs is [Read more...]

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