How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight?

Everyone wants to long will it take before I can lose this weight? First let me start by saying that weight loss is not the same as to fat loss.  I reiterate this because the number on the scale is only a slight glimpse of what's going on with the body while the inches are a better and more comprehensive measure. Pay attention to the inches/dress sizes and quit over [...]

April 2015 – Zero Carbs After 3pm

Eat Breakfast like a King...Lunch like a Prince...Dinner Like a Pauper" Truth be told, most of us eat dinner like KINGS :-) This challenge is supposed to change that! Mko tayari?? Carbohydrates, the starchy kind also known carbs, are an important energy giving macro nutrient. Here are a few things to note about carbs: - As much as carbs are important, they are often abused and can greatly contribute to weight gain. [...]

Working out – What’s the fuss!

  Working out is all about being physically active. I like to think of it as intentionally engaging in a physical activity with the aim of increasing calorie burn for health reasons…but that just my twisted definition :) The words physical activity and working are synonymous (to me) the only thing that might differ is intensity.   Here are top 10 reasons why you don’t workout: You don't have no [...]

FAD Diets…My Two Cents

  I get it!! You’ve tried so many weight loss methods and none have worked! You are frustrated and want the extra weight gone like….yesterday! I understand how you feel because I was once in your shoes! In 2008 and 2009 I was into the latest workout dvd or workout craze to the next…and the longest I stuck with any regimen was 20 - 30 days! I wanted my body [...]

February 2015 – Drink More Water Challenge

This challenge is supposed to help us create the habit of drinking more of the most important liquid of all time…Water! Most of us are accustomed to drinking fresh or bottled sugary juices, tea, coffee, sodas, alcohol but never water. Drinking water plays a great role in your overall health and can help you feel and look better. Water has immeasurable benefits such as: Better looking skin Energize muscles Helps [...]

January 2015 – Say No To Wheat Challenge

What is this challenge about? This challenge requires you to eliminate all wheat products from your diet for 21 days. Mindful eating is the motivator for this challenge. We are so accustomed to reactive eating vs proactive eating. We eat when we get hungry and most of the time, we eat whatever it is that is first available. The other purpose of this challenge is to give your body a break [...]

My Before and After 2010 – 2011

May 31st 2010, Atlanta Georgia I walked out of Doctor Bodner’s office elated. We had finalized details pertaining to my liposuction procedure. I paid the deposit and was going to pick a date between June 12th – June 19th for the procedure. I was ready to ditch the extra fat that had been irritating and frustrating me for 2 years despite working out like a maniac. I was about to [...]

Common weight loss methods that do not work

In a quest for that perfect body it can be easy to fall for anything. I fell for every ‘get skinny quick’ fad diet but you can learn from my mistakes 🙂 Here are the worst mistakes you could ever make: 1. Starvation: Associating weight loss with not eating is a myth. The more you starve your body, the more it holds onto every single nutrient that you digest and it [...]

All or Nothing!!

I've been going to my neighborhood LA fitness since 2008 and as I was looking around last night, I counted a handful of people that I know or have seen working out over the years but albeit their consistency and effort their bodies don't show progress. I can only imagine their frustration because I was once them. I was the girl that worked out hard two or three times A [...]

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