To Waist Train or Not Waist Train?


Let’s talk about waist training!

What is it? Its simply the use of a waist cincher/corset that helps in the gradual process of waist reduction.

I’ve seen a couple of posts in different Facebook groups and received a lot of questions inboxed about the same…there is obviously a huge misconception and I’m about to set the record straight….in my opinion 🙂

Waist training has been taking place since the Victorian Era dating back to the 16th century so suffice it to say, its definitely not a new concept.  Women back then wore waist trainers primarily to raise their boobs and create cleavage – think wonder bra – and also to keep a smaller, attractive waist lines….period…end of story!! But let me also point out that life back in the Victorian Era was also very different. I dare guess that food was organic and not GMO’d (genetically modified) to death, portions were smaller, more walking or riding on horses…No KFC, Pizza, Madazi’s Chapatis,  or Burgers….It was Europe and Europe today still has smaller food portions, more cycling, walking etc The lifestyle in the 16th century was DIFFERENT than it is today! So why then is everyone acting as though waist training is a new idea?? And why all of a sudden is there so much negative press on this? Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest let me proceed to the exciting stuff 🙂


When I began working out and body building I never  had to use a waist trainer! 3 years into the body building regimen (2013) I got one…did it work??…Before i answer that question let me share some factoids…..

What WILL a waist trainer do for you:

– After wearing a waist trainer for the recommended 4-8 hours a day, It WILL make your waist line instantly look smaller as it should BUT this is temporary because your body hasn’t really made a change. As soon as you take the waist trainer off…its all spills out (not the best option)

– IF you workout, eat clean AND begin losing weight a waist trainer will help you get a smaller wait FASTER…and make the results PERMANENT. After a while you will not need to waist train because you’ve lost the weight permanently (best option)

– It gives you better posture helps you sit upright

– Provides support for your back. People with back pains use braces, a waist trainer does the same while also training your waist

What does a waist gainer NOT DO:

– It will NOT lose the weight or inches for you…you MUST DO SOME WORK

– If will NOT change your body shape…example if you are pear shaped, it will not make you hour glass shaped. It will give you a smaller version of your current waist…but by no stretch of the imagination will it take you from being | | to being )(

– It will NOT take away any high blood pressure, diabetes or any lifestyle ailment…those require some major lifestyle changes in the area of physical activity and nutrition.

Note: You’re not supposed to were a waist trainer 247 365…only for certain periods and for a couple of months at a time. I can see potential issues if one did this longterm and this i don’t advocate #Moderation

A lot of celebrities like Kim Kardashian have obviously made waist training  the latest how-to-get-a-small-waist sensation however  If you look at kims pictures during pregnancy and now while she’s waist training, you will notice her weight it NOT the same…she lost weight my guess is from working out and eating clean and added waist training to make her get to her small waist goal faster. She is also genetically hour glass shaped…the waist trainer did not give that body type to her.

I got a waist trainer in 2013 out of sheer curiosity. I was getting ready for a photo shoot and my goal was  to lose  a bit of weight in 14 days.  I decided experiment by combining waist training with my workout and nutrition regimen. I noticed that my waistline hit 24” from 26″ much faster…so YES IT WORKED! After the shoot…since my waist line was where i wanted it to be, I didn’t have to waist train again because I had burned the fat and REALLY LOST THE weight hence got permanent vs temporary changes.

The reason I’ve shied away from talking about waist trainers is because i DO NOT want people to think that i’m advocating for waist training as a weight loss method. I do not want people to think that ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS WAIST TRAIN to loose weight. What I’m saying is IF you commit to a lifestyle change as it pertains to physical activity and nutrition then YES please get a waist will help you. Committing to a lifestyle change long term….not a week, a month…2 months.

In 2013 I tried a lot of different waist training brands and at first I went for the cheap ones. What i’ve learned is that a quality waist trainer makes a huge difference and truly works. A cheap, low quality one will not help with the goal of getting your waist smaller. How do you know a cheap quality trainer? If you sit down it rolls up from bottom and/or rolls down from the top….a quality waist trainer, although at first uncomfortable stays put. A good one will cost you more than the average and quality is key.

I’ve recommended and supplied waist trainers to several of my clients and they are reaping great benefits.

Note: There is a difference between waist training and body shapers. Body shapers are what’s worn underneath clothes with the goal of giving a smoother silhouette/look especially with form fitted dresses. I’ve never worn a body shaper and  have nothing against them I but again, you can acquire the look naturally but it will cost you some time, commitment, and a few scarifies for a permanent solution. I do not waist train 247…maybe once a year for 30 days when i fell the need.

Ive written this post entirely based on my opinion and experience of waist training….let me reiterate…you put in the work, you clean up your diet…then most definitely a waist trainer will be of help. Do not wear a waist trainer if you’re not making any adjustments to you lifestyle…in this case, you are simply using it as a temporary solution to a much bigger problem.

Our bodies change all so differently and react differently to different stimuli….the goal is to make the right changes. Yes I FULLY understand that we all want a small waist line + huge butt 🙂 but go about it the right way i.e. workout, eat clean…and use helpers such as waist trainers to help you get there.

Did you know that men waist train too?? That’s a post for another day:-)

Ladies I hope this was helpful.

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  1. Jill April 21, 2015 at 12:32 pm - Reply

    So, everything you have shared is basically what I needed to hear!. Great blog. Jill

  2. Violet January 27, 2016 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    Do I put the waist trainer under my clothes or on top of my clothes?

    • Jane Mukami February 5, 2016 at 12:13 am - Reply

      under your clothes 🙂

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