3 Hormones That Can Hinder Weight Loss


Hormones are ‘chemical messengers’ traversing the body and coordinating many complex processes such as growth, fertility, metabolism, behavior, feelings/moods, hungry, satiety, etc. The Body secretes and circulates 50+ hormones and our nutrition choices and lifestyle can moderate the levels at which these hormones are secreted.

As you go about your healthy lifestyle, it’s important to remember that  hormones will play a key role in how your weight loss progresses along. Manage these 3 common hormones and you’ll see excellent results. Mismanage them on the other hand and you won’t be saying the same.

Which hormones do you need to know and worry about?Although there are many hormones at play, let’s look at the three main hormones that can sabotage your weight loss results.

1. Insulin

The first detrimental hormone that can keep fat on your body is insulin. When insulin levels are high, this means your body is in ‘storage mode’, quickly moving sugar from the blood into body fat cells.

By keeping insulin levels stabilized, you’ll avoid this process from taking place and instead, more readily utilize stored fat as a fuel source.

How To Manage:

To best manage your insulin levels, you’ll want to consume a diet that’s low in simple sugars and rich in dietary fiber. Also be sure that you pair any carbohydrates you eat with a protein or a healthy fat. Choosing small portions of slow digesting natural sources of carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes over wheat or other processed kinds will help control your insulin levels. Maintaining constant blood sugar is one of the tricks to weight loss.

2. Cortisol

Next up on the list of hormones that you’ll want to be managing if you hope to get control over your body weight is cortisol. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone is a hormone, is released during times of stress, and this stress can be psychological or physical.

When cortisol is present in the body, it will be breaking down lean body tissues, and releasing sugar into the blood stream.

While if you are in a seriously stressful situation where you need to run from danger (such as if someone is chasing after you), cortisol would be a good thing, in today’s times when most of our stress comes while we’re sitting at our desk at work, it is not so good. All this sugar is great if used, but if not used, will quickly be deposited into our body fat stores.

Furthermore, cortisol promotes the accumulation of fat mainly around the midsection, so for that reason, it is especially harmful.

How To Manage:

The best way to manage your cortisol levels is to keep your stress level in check. Practice stress reduction tactics such as writing in a journal, exercising, meditating or taking a hot bath. Do whatever it takes to relax.

3. Excess Estrogen

Finally, the last hormone that you want to be aware of is too much estrogen. As a woman, some estrogen is normal and a must for a healthy body but when you get too much, it can promote the accumulation of body fat.

And in males, when too much estrogen is present, they can actually start seeing female-like characteristics forming such as excess breast tissue and a raised voice.

What causes this? Usually it’s the result of a diet that’s loaded with sugar, trans fats, and other toxins from unnatural foods.

How To Manage

The best way to manage your estrogen levels is to eat a clean and healthy diet full of naturally occurring foods and to manage your body weight as best as possible. Fat cells produce estrogen on their own so the more fat cells you have, the higher your risk for excess estrogen will be.

Tip: My personal best way to keep my Hormones in check is a product referred to me by an ObGyn 4 years ago. Once a day, Every morning with breakfast I take DIM, a pill made from a high concentration of cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower) and in high doses keeps our hormones balanced.

DIM can be taken by both men and women…
DIM plus BioPerine for women provides natural hormone balance by promoting the metabolism of excess potent forms of estrogen. Restored estrogen balance means the reduction or elimination of PMS, menopause symptoms, weight loss, restored energy, hormonal acne reduction, helps in the management of PCOS, and the promotion of healthy breast tissue because DIM is a natural aromatose inhibitor!​

DIM plus BioPerine for Men helps in getting amazing fitness results. Because DIM metabolizes excess estrogen, it’s a crucial weight loss tool. Less estrogen means a greater ability to gain muscle mass. Additional benefits for men include: increased libido, improved prostate health, and acne control. DIM can also improve the effectiveness of testosterone by eliminating excess estrogen

Keep these three hormones in mind and do all that you can to control them. They really could make or break the fat loss results you see.

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    Thanks Jane for your love and guidance.


  33. zippy November 29, 2017 at 6:32 am - Reply

    Haloo…..thank you for the article.My problem is estrogen.Am struggling with added weight fats in stomach and stretchmarks due to weight gain after using depo as family planning.I should manage it first.Am also a vegetarian and allergic to most of proteins so controlling carbohydrates is problem.

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    Iam sure many of us are struggling with those hormone you mentioned. You opened our eyes to know our

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    About DIM pills I will try my best to have it. Though its a

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    This is awesome mukami.the issue of sugar is a thorn in the flesh.Almost everything we eat has sugar..u have actually helped me know how to manage insulin..esp the pairing of carb n protein.thanks alot..what are the natural remedies for hormonal imbalances?

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    Thanks to you for the detox program.as much as I may still be looking chubby,I have managed my weight from 84kgs to 68kgs,this is from july this year to November.

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    Thank you for the information, as for me I tend to eat a lot while stressed and also I struggle with excess estrogen.
    Hope I can be able to manage the way you have explained.
    I was 95kg 2015 Followed your program and dropped to 76kg, got lazy now am back to 80’s.
    Planning to start a new journey now.

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    • Jane Mukami May 22, 2018 at 9:30 am - Reply

      Checkout our online store janemukamistore.com

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    Thank you Jane for this information. I have always wondered despite exercising intensively and watching my diet, the kilos never budge! The one time i lost 4 kgs was when i did the 10 days detox. Now i know the hormones play a great role and will be purchasing the DIM soon.

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