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Genetics and weight loss…

Your genetics are not a life or death sentence... I've met a lot of people who believe they are overweight, diabetic, big-boned because it 'runs in the family'. This is NOT true, your family history simply puts you at a higher risk of developing disease or being obese, IF you chose to NOT live a healthy lifestyle. Choosing means no excuses! It doesn't matter what your family history is, you [...]

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It’s MY Anniversary + More!!

5 years ago (June 2nd 2014) after muting and ignoring my soul tag or calling for years, and with lots of fear, I took a leap of faith and launched my health and fitness brand. My purpose was simple - to transform women's bodies and lives just as I had experienced from my personal journey that began in 2008. I wanted to give women hope by letting them know that [...]

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Working Out & Weight Loss: 10 Things You Should Know…

Active Fitness Word Cloud Collage Have you ever wondered about the role of working out when it comes to weight loss? ​​I get a lot of questions on the same and today, I will address 10 of those Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Working out is any form of physical activity whose goal is to maintain or get you healthy. There are many different ways to stay physically active and simply [...]

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Hunger Is Good For You…

Hunger is a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat… Did you know that short-term hunger is great especially if you are trying to lose weight? Yes it’s true… You eat when you feel hungry and it's this feeding process that has led to some of the many health issues that we are experiencing today. Food timing, portion, and quality contribute to weight [...]

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You Don’t Know This About Me…

HABITS are what separate your current life from your new/dream life Today is the 1st Day of May [Happy Labor day To You In Kenya :-)], and as I sit here reflecting about what I've achieved the last 4 months, It just hit me that you might not know this about me… I am a Health Coach…yes I am! Did I confuse or lose you? Are you wondering "Health coach? [...]

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When It Rains It Pours…

2019 ACHI AWARD When it rains it pours, a common phrase used (usually) when bad or unpleasant things happen consecutively. Today, I want to flip this idiom on its head and with a positive connotation of when it rains (blessings) it pours (even more blessings)...don't believe me? 16 days ago I received the Health & Fitness Award from Atlanta ACHI magazine during their 2019 annual gala. I was honored and [...]

2 things for your weight loss…

  Weight loss is very simple If only you understand and most importantly do these 2 things... Consume whole foods also known as high-quality foods, in the right quantities and at the right time - High-quality foods are found in the sea (fish), on land (animals) or the farm, and not from the factory. These exclude sugar, wheat, alcohol and many other foods that are naturally occurring but thanks to human intervention, get [...]

We are having all these problems because…

Is it only me or does it feel as though all of a sudden people we know are ailing from one thing or another - diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, hypertension, heart conditions? We are having all these problems because of the state of our....wait for it...Hormones…Estrogen dominance, in particular, is wreaking havoc in our lives and becoming more and more common in both men and women... The symptoms of estrogen dominance in [...]

Divorce Changed My Life…

11 years ago, I was rushing getting ready for work and all of a sudden my pants ripped. I was super annoyed because 3 weeks earlier the same pants fit loosely and now so so tight. While only dressed in a bra and ripped pants I sat on the bed upset. I then looked up and stared at a full-length mirror that was right in front of me...Who was this person staring [...]

Health or Fitness Which Are You Pursuing

The 2 words health and fitness are used interchangeably however they 2 are very very different…Health is being free of illness, or injury or disease. No high cholesterol, no diabetes, no issue at all. It’s possible to be healthy but have a high BMI, be overweight or even obese…are you then still healthy? Surprisingly If you are simply overweight, with no ailments or disease, you are considered healthy.  There seems to be a [...]

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