When It Rains It Pours…

2019 ACHI AWARD When it rains it pours, a common phrase used (usually) when bad or unpleasant things happen consecutively. Today, I want to flip this idiom on its head and with a positive connotation of when it rains (blessings) it pours (even more blessings)...don't believe me? 16 days ago I received the Health & Fitness Award from Atlanta ACHI magazine during their 2019 annual gala. I was honored and [...]

BPA and why it’s bad for you health

  One factor that can have a very large influence on your health that you must know about is BPA. BPA stands for bisphenol A and is an industrial chemical that is used to create plastics for the last half a century. This chemical is typically found in any of the soft (and sometimes hard) plastic bottles that you drink out of and can also be found in some Tupperware [...]

Salt: What you need to know

By now you’ve probably heard that to be as healthy as possible, you should avoid having too much salt in your diet. And, this much is true. Salt overload is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure and could potentially set you up to experience an increased risk of heart disease and/or stroke. This said, not all salt is created equally. Let’s go over the different types of [...]

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Knee-Pain Know-How: What To Do To Prevent This Injury

Knee pain is perhaps one of the most frustrating injuries and sadly, is an injury that plagues far too many women. Knee pain will sideline you in a hurry, rendering it nearly impossible to continue on with the workouts that you have planned. Fortunately, the great news is that with the right steps, you can prevent knee pain before it starts. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll never suffer from [...]

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Myth Buster: Fruits Do NOT contribute to weight gain

If you’re not physically active, over-eating fruit can contribute to massive weight gain. Yes fruits have a lot of fiber and many wonderful nutrients but this doesn’t mean you solely depend on them for all nutrients. How about veggies? Veggies are extremely low in calories compared to fruit, more filling and packed with a lot more nutrients. For weight loss, the goal is to constantly keep your blood sugar stable [...]

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