HAPPY VALENTINES plus my liposuction story!


**MY LIPOSUCTION STORY* and it’s not what you think read on!

Listen, I thought of what to say today to encourage you, to inspire you to continue to COMMIT + INVEST in your TRANSFORMATION.

So I decided to share my personal story.

There was a point in my life that I FELT fat, I was UNHAPPY with how I looked, I STRUGGLED with weight loss, in fact I tried all diets and bought those fitness DVD programs (that just sat on the shelf) and COULD NOT FIGURE OUT why I was not attaining my dream body.

I remember the day my pants ripped because I had gained EXTRA weight and that particular size was no longer a fit. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

That was the day I was FED UP! I looked at my self in the mirror and did not like the person I saw.

After trying lots of diets, workouts and not making progress I decided to FIX IT and my idea was to get  LIPOSUCTION!

I schedule an appointment with a doctor, set up a date to go in and get the procedure done. YES…I was ready to just FIX IT…BUT something else happened.

I was introduced to the idea of TRAINING WITH A COACH which to be honest I had never done before.

Despite having set up my liposuction procedure appointment, something inside me said..give it a try. Just one more time.

To cut the long story short, that was the beginning of my transformation and here I am today.

***The picture was take some years back btw*** I was truly happy that I had found a fitness mentor.

See, being fit is not just looking good but there are intangible benefits that cannot be described unless you personally experience them.


-Feeling strong and confident
-Feeling healthy (we all know that unhealthy feeling..like your body is telling you to do something about it)
-Feeling happy and good
-Looking at your body in the mirror and smiling (If you are not happy with what you see, you can change that image ;))
-Loving yourself more
-Feeling a sense of purpose and that life is better
-Having more clarity and more focus and much much more.

Ask yourself this: Do I LOVE MYSELF, do I LOOK AND FEEL SEXY? Do I feel POWERFUL and EXCITED WITH MY LIFE or my days just drag by? If the answer is NO, you can change that but you have to start!

Today I am looking for just 10 people who want a TRANSFORMATION, 10 people who are WILLING TO TRY ONE MORE TIME.

10 people who will let me share A PROVEN REMEDY (based on their situation) that if applied creates a transformation.

See if it wasn’t for my COACHES who showed me the FORMULA to attaining my dream body, and MY COMMITMENT TO TRANSFORMING I wouldn’t be where I am today.

If you are one of those 10 committed and ready to give it all schedule an appointment with me.

Schedule a consultation with me now here http://meetme.so/janemukami and let me help you change your life.

The journey starts with taking action. Take action now and transform your life.

To loving yourself more this Valentine’s Day!




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