Working Out & Weight Loss: 10 Things You Should Know…

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Have you ever wondered about the role of working out when it comes to weight loss?

​​I get a lot of questions on the same and today, I will address 10 of those Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Working out is any form of physical activity whose goal is to maintain or get you healthy. There are many different ways to stay physically active and simply a matter of personal preference or choosing that which works best for you.

  1. Home workouts
  2. Gym workouts
  3. Outdoor (running, track work, hiking, jogging, cycling)
  4. Classes (zumba, boot camp, aerobics, spin, yoga, pilates)
  5. Sports based – basketball, soccer, swimming

The 5 above are but a few examples of common ways to stay physically active.

  1. Must I workout to lose weight? No. It is possible to lose weight without ever working out but simply following a sustainable nutrition program that teaches you how to change your nutrition habits long term. This way, when you lose weight you’re able to keep it off.
  2. What workout is best for weight loss cardio or weight/resistance /strength training? Not all workouts are created equal. All workouts fall under cardio or resistance/weight/strength training category. Resistance training aims to stimulate, tear & build muscles while most cardio activities are aerobic, raise heart rate and conditions the circulatory system (lung-heart functionality). They both have fat burning capabilities depending on duration and activity type. A combination of both strength + cardio works well for weight loss but ONLY when combined with a solid nutrition strategy.
  3. What is the best cardio workout? There are different types of cardio – walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, jumping rope, sprinting and they each have a different effect on the body. LISS (low-intensity steady state) is performed at a constant steady pace for 30-60min, often within a target heart rate zone (intensity) of between 50-65% of maximum heart rate. LISS training utilizes stored body fat, as opposed to muscle glycogen (stored glucose) when performing cardio at lower intensities. HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is a type of cardio performed by short output or burst energy for example sprints, frog jumps, burpees, wall balls, battle rope thumping and the like. HIIT can be performed in short durations of 15 to 20 minutes compared to LISS which requires longer workout times. HIIT utilizes glycogen first before tapping into stored fats. The effects on the body of both LISS and HIIT are very different and a combination of both in your weekly activities is the best option. Example – HIIT produces EPOC (excessive post oxygen consumption) which leaves the body burning higher amounts of calories hours after the workout has concluded while LISS calorie burn halts as soon as the workout completes.
  4. Why is weight/strength training important? Strength training helps build muscle which increases strength and the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn even at rest. Muscle also helps to create form/a toned look to different body parts. If 2 women lost weight where 1 only did LISS cardio and another did both, you would notice the lady who did LISS ONLY cardio is smaller but has straight, softer looking arms, and legs while the lady that included resistance training has Michelle Obama arms, tighter looking thighs, firm butt and such. Weight training helps strengthen bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, and plays a huge role when it comes to reducing the rate of aging. HIIT cardio helps stimulate muscle growth hence why a combination of LISS + HIIT works well.
  5. How much cardio vs strength training should you do? This depends on what level you are (beginner, intermediate, advanced), are you working yourself our or working out with a trainer and how much time you can dedicate to working out. If a beginner you will benefit most from cardio (walking/jogging – LISS) to get your heart rate up. Do this consistently to build the habit of being active, then over time add HIIT + then weight training or vice versa. If working with a trainer, then circuit training works well.
  6. What is the best time to workout? morning or evening? The best time is that which you can be most consistent with. If you have a busy morning getting kids to school, then evening/afternoon would be best. It’s all about finding a time that you can easily build your schedule around and that you can stick to consistently. Remember, habits are created by continuous repetition.
  7. What are good examples of pre-workout + post workout meals? If a beginner, listen to your body. Workout without eating anything and compare it with a morning where you had a light snack such as a banana and see which feels better. My personal advice for morning workouts – develop a habit of working out on an empty stomach. Fasted workouts tend to be effective since your body is forced to run on fuel/energy from stored fat reserves vs what you ate before the workout. It might feel tough the first couple of times, but your body will adapt. If you decide to eat before your workout, eat about 60 minutes before the workout – depending on what you eat, to allow enough digestion and absorption time. Post-workout meal depends on the type of workout performed. A protein shake after a strength session is a great way to inject protein right into the body for quicker recovery with minimum digestion. A protein + starch meal can follow about 2 hours later
  8. What type of workout would you advise for a beginner? Working out like most things is about consistency over long periods of time. I recommend finding 1 form of physical activity that you can perform consistently 3 times a week over 3 to 4 weeks. After the 4th week, increase time, frequency or add another activity. For example – Walk for 45 minutes 3 times a week for 4 weeks, then add 30 minutes of strength training 2 times a week or on the same 3 days a week. This will help create a routine or habit which can then be slowly added upon. Doing too much at the beginning leads to burn out and inconsistency.
  9. How do you break a plateau? A plateau occurs when NO CHANGE in both weight + inches happens over 4+ weeks – not 1 week. It simply means the body has adapted to what you’ve been doing and your workout method, intensity, load, rep scheme, or nutrition need to change. It is extremely important to keep the body guessing, by NOT performing the same workout routine week by week.
  10. Is working out the key to weight loss? No. There are a lot of people that have been physically active – working out, running, jogging for years yet still look the same. This is because they never quite change their nutrition habits or if they do, not in the correct manner. There is a precise nutrition formula for weight loss.

You MUST understand the following facts about working out:

“The role of exercise in weight loss is highly overrated. Physical activity seems to be very important for the maintenance of lost weight but not the main contributor to weight loss.” Kevin D. Hall scientist at NIDDK National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

  1. The number one fundamental principle of losing body fat  (losing weight) is creating a total daily caloric deficit through a sound nutritional strategy.
  2. Studies have shown that working out does NOT burn many calories in comparison to the energy consumed. The amount of energy/calories found in food is highly underrated by most people. Example – I burn 500 calories from working out for 1 hour 45 minutes. This can be easily reversed by eating 3 small cookies with are about 550 calories or 2 eggs, bacon, potatoes which = about 650 calories.
  3. Working out increases appetite and leads to overeating and/or compensatory behavior “I worked out today, it’s ok to eat a hamburger and fries” it also makes eating less difficult if you are always hungry.
  4. To lose 1 kilo/2 pounds of fat you need to burn 7000 calories working out or create a 7000 nutrition caloric deficit per week. Cutting back 500 calories per day from your current nutrition for 7 days will get you to 3500 calories deficit per week which = .5 kilo/1 pound of fat loss. Losing weight takes commitment, patience and trusting the process.

Food is fuel. The amount you eat determines how you look, feel and the body is not forgiving when we consume more energy than necessary. Working out is only 20% of the weight loss equation. To lose weight quickly, eating the correct number of calories, from the right foods source and at the right time is the easiest way to create a deficit and is 80% of the weight loss equation. This is truly why working out is NOT mandatory for weight loss but great for a myriad of other health benefits.

Don’t believe me…

95% of my weight loss coaching clients do NOT workout and are proof that it’s all about nutrition. I am able to create their calorie deficit and walk the journey with them, teach them valuable lessons and help them achieve their goals.

BONUS Frequently Asked Question: What workout or what do I do to lose weight in the belly/tummy area? Doing 1000 ab workouts or crunches does not give you a flat belly. Working out your abs creates strong ab muscles but they remain covered by the extra fat. A flat belly ONLY happens when all the FAT in the belly region is lost and a calorie deficit is the only way to burn the stored until the belly flattens. Our genetics are in control of where we store fat and what part of the body loses weight first. I’ve had clients who had disproportionate or asymmetrical bodies but after losing weight through my 12-week nutrition weight loss coaching program, their bodies regained symmetry.

Would you like results similar to what you see above without working out? I am currently accepting 15 new clients for the July 2019 weight loss coaching program and would love to speak with you If losing weight is your ultimate goal. The 1st step is for you to book your body transformation strategy session which costs $50 or 5,000/= Click this link to view testimonials and learn more about the call and the 12-week weight loss coaching program->>>

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What did you learn about working out and weight loss from this post? Do you have any other questions that I can answer for you about this topic?

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    • Jane Mukami May 28, 2019 at 2:00 pm - Reply

      if you want to increase a bit of volume then you need very heavy weight workouts and a great feeding program for atrophy/ muscle growth but it greatly depends on your body type. Example, for my body type I’ve NEVER been in a caloric surplus even when building muscle, the ONLY people that have a caloric surplus or hard gainers, those people who are skinny and always struggling to gain weight

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      as i’ve shared, it’s not about the workout but your nutrition 🙂 to help you sign up for the strategy call

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